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The lovely Kat of Rock ‘n Roll Bride did a feature on us today! Go visit! Right now! 85 never-before-seen pix! (Click on the thumbnails to see them large-and-in-charge!)

I’m all fluttery in love with them all. Thanks, Kat! (And Mr. Miller!)

I’m a super-cheese, super-cheese, I’m super cheesy…

I feel like such a big ball of cheese. I just updated my bio, and now I have one in a convenient, adjective-laden, compact form! (Well, at least a blurby-form bio). You can see it in the About Me section under the Pages drop-down, but heck, I’ll copy and paste it right here! I’m so sweet.

I’m a six-foot-three bride with a fifty-foot personality! I love great art, fabulous design, intense color, tons of music, indie photography, watching movies on repeat, and being really awesome. This super-tall, Southern, loud, quirky, neurotic artist is marrying a German, quiet, silly, super-amazing roboticist in an eclectic, funky, fun, snazzy, technicolored June wedding. Anything is game for this shindig, for it is all about us! We’re bringing giant paper cranes, six-foot-tall portraits, fortune cookies, a photo booth, a club-circuit dj, handcuffs, and possibly a kidnapping to this small Southern town. Watch out, y’all, and try to keep up!

Feel free to mock me now. I have a big ol’ issue with writing about myself, in that I tend to yammer on and on. And on. I never know what to say. I obsess over saying I too much. Have trouble figuring out what are the important and pertinent points to add about myself. The list goes on…

Anyway, after about forty-eleventy billion hours and rewrites, I got that sucker up there. About as succinct as I get, and I think I deserve a green or blue star for my efforts. If I’d left out some of the cheese, maybe a gold star, but hey, I can handle being cheesy sometimes.

Who else gets totally neurotic-bananas over writing about themselves, bio-wise? Are you a rambler like I am, or just totally stumped for what to say? ‘Fess. Don’t leave me hangin’ out in weirdo-land all by my lonesome.