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Pete and Repete got back into their boat

…and bought completely different rings.

Right before we were about to order our pretty rings from Whiteflash and Blue Nile, we remembered that JP didn’t know his ring size. There was one private jeweler that we hadn’t visited in Hotlanta, and we figured it was as good of a time as any to go look at their rings, aka pretend to buy one and get JP sized.

In walked fate, and on the 17th floor of a shiny high-rise in Buckhead, before we knew it, JP and I had purchased our rings from this jeweler we’d previously ignored. His ring was less expensive than Blue Nile, and mine was the same as Whiteflash. Oh yeah, and my ring? Specially made por moi and to fit underneath my engagement ring. Everything to my crazy-picky list of things I wanted and needed.

Yesterday, we picked up the rings, and ZOMG are we happy.

Local family-owned jeweler for the win. Custom ring for the win.

How many times did you change your mind about rings? Who else went the custom route via a local jeweler? How was your experience?