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Oh my.

While taking a 2.2 second break from working (HI GUYS LONG TIME NO TALK!), I stumbled upon these [insert appropriate adjective] Prada heels in the clearance section at NM.

Why, Prada, why? Lucite, vinyl, AND velcro? These are four steps away from light-up shoes. I think that I had a version of these for a middle school dance. They probably cost $12 and were very quickly discarded.

Anyway, if you have $355 to spend (originally $790! WHAT A STEAL!), and wear a size 38, these can be yours. I’m sure supplies are going very, very fast.


I’ll play. I know there’s this Tuesday thing for shoes, and whilst I refuse to refer to it by name, I’ll bite, finally.

Too-large shoes, Banana Republic, Spring 2009. Neon socks, J. Crew, Winter/Spring 2010.

P.S. Wednesday on a Tuesday will return, just a little late.

“Do Me” shoes.

United Nude "Lo Res"

I have a shoe thing. These United Nude shoes are just… unf, put them on my feet and let me prance around. I am such a huge fan. They’re sculptural, a play on a traditional mary jane, and look like art for feet. They’re probably as uncomfortable as all get-out, but one doesn’t wear shoes like this for comfort, agreed?

United Nude “Lo Res” pumps, $260

Be a Valentino just for you

When Mom picked up the Love Flats, she also surprised me with a pair of Valentino slides. (Yes, I’ll call them slides, thongs, sandals, but not flip-flops. Leave me alone.) They’re hot pink, made of some magical plastic or rubber or something, and I never thought I’d wear them. I mean, c’mon, where was I going to wear Valentino flip-flops (err, slides) in the middle of February? The pretties sat in their box, awaiting spring and whatever life might hold for them.

Fast forward to, well, now. I realized a bit ago that my lovely Love Flats are also pretty delicate. I do not want to butcher the red soles, get mud in the cork, or tromp through fields in those puppies. (Yes, I am fully aware that they will be worn and non-perfect by the end of the night, but work with me here.) I knew I needed a pair of shoes to stand in for the Love Flats while we do what I assume will be an awesome ninja photoshoot. I don’t imagine I’ll be traipsing through mud, but just in case, I wanted something rubber and hose-off-able. Or cheap.

I piddled around on the interwebs, considered the rubber TB Revas, but they seemed like a sweaty blister magnet, not like a comfy pair of beaters. Fail to the boat. While said piddling was going on, dear Mother walked into my room.

“Lauren, I am going to take back those Valentino flip-flops if you’re never going to wear them.”


Duh, stupid me. Who passes up adorable, hot pink, hose-off-able, bow-topped, awesome-sauce Valentinos? Almost me, that’s who.

Also, for those who have been following along, aka read my last post, our first dance song has “Valentino” in it. CLEARLY THE UNIVERSE WAS TELLING ME THINGS.

Ahem. Yes. That is the story of how my stand-ins came to be. Great one. I should tell it at parties. These guys will also be super cute paired with a not-yet-purchased-white-honeymoon-bikini. (Yes, I know, danger danger, white swimsuit, but damnit, I’m a bride.)

Are you having a pair of stand-ins to help protect your main wedding shoes? Were they ones you already had, or ones bought specially for the job?

*Shoe pixxx jacked from Valentino and prettified by moi.

In L-O-V-E with the love flats

I am so thrilled to announce that my shoes are here, and they’re more fabulous than I could have ever imagined.

On Thursday evening, while I was hurrying up to Atlanta before the snowstorm hit, my mother was heading back down to LaGrange from a hair appointment with Luke in the ATL.

“Hey Mom. I’m on the way up right now. Just letting you know…”

“OH! I-have-your-Valentine’s-Day-present-let’s-meet-at-an-exit!!!”

“No, we don’t have to do that. I can just wait until Sunday and we’ll do it on-”

“I don’t think you want to wait.”


We met in the parking lot of a random daycare right off of the interstate. I was pretty sketched out, given the fact that it was past 8pm and I was hanging out in an empty parking lot. I began to wonder why I agreed to this silly plan when Mom drove up and practically burst out of her car. I got out of my vehicle, locked my car, made sure my cell phone could speed dial 911, and followed her to her trunk. She opened the trunk, pulled out a shiny red shopping bag, and I thought I was going to fall over.

“HOLY SHIT! Holyshitholyshitholyshitholyshit!!! You’re kidding, you’re kidding, you’re kidding, right?”

“See? I thought you wouldn’t want to wait.”

I gently lifted off the lid of the shoe box, lifted the bright red dust bag, and carefully peeled back the tissue to reveal the most amazing shoes I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on– my wedding shoes. The Christian Louboutin love flats. It was about to start snowing, so I used every ounce of my willpower to keep the shoes in the box and not shove my feet into them.

I thanked her close to 300 times, we parted ways, and I finished my journey to Atlanta in a wonderful state of twitterpated-shoe-ecstasy.

Oh, and later I took some pictures. What would a freaking-out-about-shoes post be without excessive amounts of pictures? That’s what I thought.

Wednesday thought this was the perfect time to ruin a shot.

Take 2

Those battle scars on my feet are from the cat. Blame her.

Wednesday had to do a little quality control.

Like butta.

The carpet matches the shoes. Interesting.

Cannot beat that red sole.

These babies were definitely worth the wait, stress, and effort. I cannot wait to prance down the aisle with love on my toes and red on my soles. Now if only I could decide how to properly protect these from the elements and the cat…

Did you freak out when you finally got your hands on your wedding shoes, or am I just a total spaz? How are you keeping your shoes safe until the big day?

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast…

…to bring you some freakin’ awesome shoes… on the cheap!

Yesterday, while casually browsing the internets, I stumbled upon cheap-but-awesome shoe mecca. Spring Shoes. Take a gander at these puppies…

shoezRow 1

  1. Evangelie, $17.49
  2. Rorrer, $13.99
  3. Jatho, $17.49
  4. Morawa, $10.49

Row 2

  1. Heatherington, $13.99
  2. Behning, $17.49
  3. Dehl, $31.49
  4. Spengler, $20.99

Row 3

  1. Sayavong, $39.99
  2. Kushin, $13,99
  3. Rykin, $34.99
  4. McConkey, $31.49

Row 4

  1. Schaber, $27.99
  2. Dole, $20.99
  3. Wrona, $27.99
  4. Commiskey, $34.99

Row 5

  1. Epifiana, $48.99
  2. Loynes, $89.99
  3. Emelia, $41.99
  4. Cordial, $89.99

Row 6

  1. Chanley, $79.99
  2. Wandersee, $34.99
  3. Antiok, $34.99
  4. Petek, $41.99

Row 7

  1. Roshia, $24.49
  2. Swick, $34.99
  3. Skeans, $20.99
  4. Piechoski, $24.49

I haven’t ordered any of these shoes…yet, but I know I will. There are tons more awesome ones on the website, so go look, and shop shop shop. Then report back!

Anybody else have any awesome and cheap shoe places? (Aldo used to fit the bill for me, but now their prices are almost as much as the stuff you’d buy at Neimans! Pfft.) Please share!

Tux to Chucks in One Night!


JP lives in his Chucks. Wears them all. The. Time. He goes through about 2 pair a year, I’d say. I love it. They’re awesome and classic, all at the same time. Since we’re trying to have as much “us” as possible show through in our wedding, why not inject a li’l’ JP-style into our shindig?

So about halfway through the reception, or, well, after the first dance and cake stuff, JP’s going to transform from James Bond groom into a more relaxed super-awesome-supa-fly groom. (Not that he isn’t always super-awesome-supa-fly). After the first dance, after the cake cutting, when it’s time for us to really kick up our heels, JP will de-coat, de-bow-tie, roll up them sleeves, and don a pair of Chucks.

Not just his regular ol’ Chucks. No no no. We’re talking custom wedding Chucks.

Colored on the inside and a colored stripe down the back. Our wedding date embroidered on the back. Hot stuff, right?

While some might balk at the idea of their groom in Chucks, I think it’s awesome. I’ve seen brides throw on flip-flops, so why not let the groom put on some awesome shoes? I rest my case.

What are you (and your groom) doing to inject his style into his wedding-wear? Anybody else going the Chucks-at-the-reception route? Or something even more awesome?

Loub it to me, baby!


I’ve been on the hunt for fantastic wedding shoes since we got engaged, and early on I decided that I wanted some balla’ shoes to wear on the wedding day. I have an unhealthy love affair with Louis, Blahnik, and Louboutin. For wedding shoes, Loub has topped my list because of the fabulous red sole, and, well, the fabulous shoes attached to them!

A few months ago, I spotted the Loub “love flats.” I thought that they were perfect wedding shoes for me! Flat, kitschy, and fantastic.


There’s a problem with them though. Do I really want to wear black shoes with my fabulous dress? I don’t think so, sadly.

Then came some amazing and awesome-possum news. Let me set the stage. It was the day before our engagement shoot, I was hella nervous and mulling through the Neiman Marcus shoe department. I suddenly thought about wearing the love flats for our engagement shoot! I grabbed the shoe dude that had asked to help me earlier, and asked if I could try them on in a 41. He said yes, did a little dip,  military-turned and walked into the back. I flitted around for a little bit while he looked for the shoes. I was so super excited to try on *the* love flats!

He came out with a sad look on his face. “We don’t have them in 41. We’re out of all of them except this pair. We can order them for you.”

I made a sad face, began to nervously talk and blabbered out, “Oh, well, I-was-going-to-wear-them-to-our-engagement-shoot-tomorrow-so-you-don’t-need-to.” Breathe…”We’re getting married next June and I just really love those shoes and-”

“He’s coming out with these shoes in a white patent and cork.”

“He wha?”

“This shoe. In cork and white patent. It’s the exa-”

“Put me on a list. I need to be on a list. Is there a list? Can I reserve a pair?”

“Yes, just give me your information. We’ll probably send them out in January.”


So, ladies and gents, that is how I spastically found out that the Loub love flats are coming out in cork and white patent.

corkpatentAnd that there is a pair out there with my name on it. I can’t wait for them to come in so that I can finally SEE THEM. They haven’t been released, apparently, and aren’t anywhere online yet. I guess they still are sekrats.

Did you freak out out over a pair of possible wedding shoes? Anyone order crazy-ass shoes sight-unseen? What lengths did you go to (and levels of personal embarrassment!) to find the perfect shoes?