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I love what I do.

In May I am having a big ol’ art show. Yes, the very May that is right before our June wedding. I am that crazy, but I love what I do. For the show, I’m doing large-scale and larger-than-life portraits of JP and me. When I say large-scale, I’m talking 4′x6′ canvases. Muy grande. I have one finished and another one that is in time-out because I’m mad at it. Today, I started another one and had a lot of fun with it, even though by the end of the day I’d been sitting indian-style on concrete for a total of about 6 hours. (I paint better like that. I will rotate the canvas and paint it upside down or sideways. Leave me alone. I’m eccentric).

I’d love to be able to incorporate some paintings into our reception. While the paintings I’m doing for my show are not totally wedding-appropriate, as some are nekkid, I’m considering doing a more wedding-appropriate large portrait of the two of us. I think that would be a nice addition if I can pull it off time-wise.

Ok, enough of the blah-blah, on to the photos! This bad boy is VERY unfinished and VERY in-process.


P.S. The blue sweater part won’t swoop that much before my nose. The paint was just too wet and heavy in that part to blue-over it.



My brushes always love glamor shots.


That’s one of my views from the floor. You can see the almost-finished painting of JP in the background.


My easel, which I haven’t used lately because I’ve decided I like propping the canvases against the wall better.


And my paint and glasses, well, because I’m weird? And I flipping love Holbein. And Chanel. If you want to see more shots of the painting, go see the flickr set.