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2 Months Left

Two things:

  1. As of today, we have two months left until the wedding. Incredible. Exciting and terrifying
  2. My senior show is coming up on April 30th, so I will be pretty AWOL until everything gets framed, matted, and hung. I’ll be trying not to lose my mind. If anybody wants to come, email me and I’ll get you the info!

Signing off for now.

Are you there, sunburn?

It’s me. Lauren.

On Friday morning, I was sitting outside for around two hours in a cardigan. No big deal, right? It’s still early-ish spring, and thinking about body sunscreen wasn’t really high on my priorities.

Um, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Those two hours in one position left me with the weirdest one-sided sunburn I’ve ever had. It… well, you can see what it looks like. It looks just strange, and I’m not very happy about it. For one thing, it’s angry, swollen, and looks gross.

For another thing, I am pretty much the palest person on the planet. It’s a type of blue-pink pale that can only be truly “appreciated” in person, but trust me… it’s a shocking form of pale. This whiter side of pale…

also means that when I get burned, I STAY burned. It takes months and months and months for the mark to go away. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Oh yeah. This is most likely still going to be visible on our wedding day, which is a mere 2 months away. Such luck have I. Hopefully, once it peels and heals, I’ll be able to exfoliate the you-know-what out of it so that I have an even chest color on the big day and not a weird one-sided cardigan mark.


Anybody else get a weird sunburn, or any sunburn for that matter, before their wedding? What did you do to make sure that it wouldn’t still show on the wedding day?

This one goes out to all the laaaadddiiieeessss

… that must use double stamps.

(And of course, those that are completely neurotic. Like me.)

Our invites are solid beasts of cottony goodness. I pre-weighed them on 7 different scales in the scale department of Office Depot, so I knew what I was heading into when getting our test-run invite USPS weighed. Le sigh. Eighty-one cents on each outer envelope. From months stamp-stalking the USPS on the internet, I knew that I wanted to use the King and Queen stamps, but now I needed eighty-one-cent stamps. Well, USPS, you can have the extra 7 cents– this girl’s gonna double up.

So yeah. A king and a queen on each envelope. Lovely. BUT…  I knew I was so crazy-controlling that I might drive myself nuts trying to individually line up the matching parts on the stamps. This was going to take FOREVER.

Or not.

In my invite-assembling delirium, I found a really easy solution with a Post-it flag. It made keeping the stamps attached at the perforation a breeeeeeze. How, you ask? WELL LET ME SHOW YOU!

First, take a handy-dandy Post-it that you have laying around.

Next, stick that sucker in the center of the two stamps you want to keep connected.For the next step, don’t have a hugenormous camera in one hand. Take BOTH hands and gently peel back the paper behind the stamps. Using the Post-it, pull off the two stamps and detach them from their neighbors.

Lay the stamps in the right spot. It actually works best if you hold it by the Post-it, but I was being all camera-in-hand-not-thinking. Either works.

Rub it all down in place.Remove the Post-it.

Voila! A perfectly-lined-up-with-each-other-and-never-separated stamp pair!Thanks, Post-it! I was able to use the same one over and over. 

A ridiculously simple solution to a really minuscule but irritating problem.

Any other double-stampers out there? Were you concerned about the neighboring stamps lining up?

We are assembling invites.

Best post title ever, no? My brain is so incredibly fried from invitation-overload, and thankfully we’re at the point where there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Take a gander at all that has gone down…

It took a week solid for me to address all of the envelopes, cut out the eleventy-billion hearts, cut out the eleventy-billion liners… well, we’ll look at all the numbers later, but yes, this is a sold week’s worth of work. Thankfully I had my spring break last week, or else I would have never been able to get all of this done. Despite all of the whining, indecisiveness, pain-in-the-butt-iveness, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am thrilled with how they have turned out, and cannot wait to finish assembling so that we can drop these suckers in the mail!

Did your invitation assembly end up taking an immense amount of time? Who else sacrificed their spring  break or vacation time for the sake of wedding?

Because I am a total jerk,

I now present you with…

You see, right now I should be finishing invites, but frankly, I don’t want to right now. In light of yesterday’s post, I’m going to do the complete opposite. Well, not complete, as none of this is coming via wedding blogs, but complete opposite in the fact that the duds I’m about to post are fairly out-of-reach and bananas. (Ugh, especially that striped Chanel number. Uh, yes please.) Yes, love me and hate me, but you have been warned. For the most part, these beautiful dresses are not in fact bridal, but would make some lovely jumping-out-of-the-box dresses.

{ dresses from here, here, here, here, here, and oh yeah, here }

Le sigh.

Back to the grindstone. I have a big mess of invitations to attend to. Updates on that delightful mess coming up soon.

So ladies, just so that I can live vicariously through you, who has gone the non-bridal route or is considering it? And tell me all about it. Please. The more out-there, the better.

I have stopped reading wedding blogs.

It’s true.

I stopped reading them because it had gotten to a point of mild obsession– refreshing my reader every 4 seconds to see what delightful wedding-candy would be brought forth. I suffered from OMGIWANTTHATTOO-itis.


“I feel so insignificant.”


“Why can’t I pull off stellar things like that?”


“Why am I still eating, again?”


“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to settle on any ideas. I feel like a fail-bride.”

As you can see, OMGIWANTTHATTOO-itis turned into self-imposed failbride-itis. All of these beautiful weddings, half-or-more of them staged, were screwing with my psyche. (Truth be told, they still do). How can one girl planning one wedding who has no experience at all live up to this giant cloud of fantastic? Seeing inspiration shot after inspiration shot after inspiration shot after inspiration shot… It just got to be too much for me. I needed to feel good and solid about what I was doing– no, what we were doing to make our wedding fabulous, fantastic, and us.

In planning a wedding, trying to graduate, trying to put on a ginormous senior exit show, and just trying to be a functioning human being, I realized that there was no room for the pretty anymore. I couldn’t lust after everyone else’s pretty and be unhappy with my own.

So I stopped. Cold turkey. My Google Reader has been abandoned for the most part– I only read things in my “real bride bloggers” section. From that I gain a feeling of “Thank God. I’m not alone in being totally freaking stressed out. Weddings aren’t all ponies and rainbows all the time. It’s okay that I’m not a fairy princess.” I have all of the inspiration I need. It’s been time to get down to brass tacks. This has saved me so much sanity, so much money, and let’s face it, so much time.

Helpful as they were to me in the months before the “real planning” began– showing me what bananas things could be done at events, not everything was a cookie-cutter wedding that I abhorred, etc.– I now tend to only get pangs of guilt and unworthiness from reading them.

I will stay true to my aesthetic, our vision, and our hopes and crazy dreams for this wedding.

So, I’m sorry gorgeous wedding inspiration blogs. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m just on a hiatus from drooling over your photoshoots and grandeur for the time being. I’ll be back soon, promise.

I guess that’s enough wedding blasphemy for one day.

Who else has had to cut back on reading wedding inspiration blogs (or even magazines, for that matter)? Are you at the point in planning where it is doing more harm than good, or am I just an indecisive-and-overly-obsessive freakazoid?

Addressing envelopes gives me…

(You thought I was going to say something gwoss, didn’t you?)

I have this awesome “unexplained tremor” in my right hand. It comes out when I’m nervous, tense, doing fine detail work, or just at the worst possible moments. So basically, all the time. Video for proof…

There’s nothing “wrong” with me… I’ve had tests out the wazoo, I’m not a former alcoholic, I wasn’t a hardcore drug user, I’m just unlucky, and it’s just “unexplained.” No worries, for real… except for in the DIY-wedding-stuff realm.

You see, the sucky thing about this little gem is that it has made it nearly impossible to address more than 10 envelopes in one go. I write, get nervous, my muscles tense up, and I get the shakes. I don’t want our guests to think that all of these painstakingly-written-with-a-dip-pen-and-india-ink envelopes were addressed on a moving train.

In taking on this whole calligraphy junk, I thought my problems would lie in not making a mess, learning how to write the letters, not smearing my hand through ink– the norm. I’ve gotten past all of that, and now it’s just my body putting up a fight. Great.

My process has become:

  1. Insert lined guide into envelope
  2. Write out names
  3. Strategically place the envelope somewhere that the cat cannot reach
  4. Tell said cat to get back into her box
  5. Figure out where pen was put while hiding envelope
  6. Lather, rinse, repeat until hand starts shaking
  7. Take a break by blow-drying each envelope to make sure that the ink is dry
  8. Wait 2 hours for hand to stop shaking
  9. Lather, rinse, repeat

Le sigh.

To be perfectly honest, there’s no real point to this post other than to whine about something that I didn’t foresee as being a problem. I will continue writing, shaking, and being irritated until I’m finished with all hand-written goods.

What unexpected sand traps did you find while going about wedding business? Anybody else have the same nervous-or-whatever-it-is shakes problem when addressing envelopes? How’d you deal with it?

For the boys.

(This video in no way relates to the post, other than the fact that it says “boy.” And, well, is amazing).

Bridal party gifts haven’t ever been a big question for us– we’ve known what we wanted to give our party members since the very beginning. Something that was important to us was that the gifts be fun, functional, and personalized.

I am under no impression that any of JP’s groomsmen read this stuff, but just for safety’s sake…

Everyone else may follow me after the jump.

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