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We’re such rockstars.


Or at least that’s how I feel right now!

This morning I was elbow-deep in solvent and ink when I heard my blackberry a-buzzin’. Nothing unusual about that, so I kept on doin’ my printmaking thing. After I de-gloved and cleaned off, I went to go check my phone, and lo and behold, there was an email from Matt Miller. Our engagement shots were up on his blog. I (slightly frantically) packed my stuff up and drove like a demon home to check them. Was I going to look like an oaf? Did my lack of posy-cheese-smile and my massive amounts of being a spaz ruin the shots?

No, no, and no. These photos are perfect, and I love them nineteen ways to Sunday. The locations are great, the colors are fantastic, and, well, we look like we belong in Rolling-Damned-Stone. Matt did a super amazing-fabulous-fantastic-rockin’-bananas-bat-nut job. They are more than I could have ever dreamed of!

Ok, I’ll stop yapping for a bit… Onto the photos!



Holy awesome, Batman. It’s nice to have something that really represents us, because we’re not “stand there and cheese” kind of folks. If you all haven’t gathered already, we like things off the beaten path, and these are fo’ sho’ out in awesome-land.

Matt Miller, you are so full of win. Everybody, head over to Matt’s blog, give him some mad props, and also read the sweet and awesome stuff he wrote about us!

Who else was totally blown away by their engagement shoot? Did you go the traditional route or the non-traditional route? Which one of ours is your favorite? :p

But wait, there’s more!


Stop the presses! More tradition stuff! This morning I found out that there was more! I had forgotten stuff. (I knew there was something that I was missing!)

First, I got this:

Picture 53Aha! A tip from JP’s father! This gave me valuable information in how to stay safe from kidnapping, as well as reminding me of the other said tradition.

And for those of you who are wondering, here is part of the tradition (and the sort-of-related safe-making device).

Picture 50

So here’s the down-low on the handcuff tradition, as filled in to my forgetful brain by my lovely JP. During the reception at some point, the bride and groom are handcuffed together. Every guest has a key. The bride and groom must go around to the guests and complete tasks in order to get a key from them. Then, well, they see if the key works so that they can be un-cuffed.

Sounds pretty rad to me. I love all of this mischief. I think we should have a set of backup keys just in case a guest decides to lose theirs. And said lost key is the one that opens the cuffs. :p

Also, just to solidify the fact that my brain is totally fluffy and girly and wedding-ified, one of my first thoughts was, “OOH! We can decorate those too!” I’m so full of win.

Any of you other tradition-seekers heard of this one? Isn’t it bananas awesome? Add this one onto your lists, and be prepared for more to come along.