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Something paperless from the paper-lover.

We’re having a fairly small, relaxed, and super yummy rehearsal dinner. As per our request, JP’s parents are hosting the dinner at one of the local mexican restaurants. Of course, because I’m obsessed with designing anything that will stand still long enough for me to attack it, they let me do the invitations.

I made them without paper. Shocker, I know. Seeing as I’m pretty at awesome at waiting until the last minute, and seeing that we already had 20,000 things on our plate, I decided to go the interweb invite route.
I had read somewhere before that the rehearsal dinner should stand apart from the wedding stuff, but still have a similar feel. I took that to mean “drop the super-set wedding theme, and have some fun.” So that’s what I did. Fun and lighthearted, different from our wedding goods, but still goes along the same thread– love, hearts, brights.
I’m also a fan of the fact that I made the text scroll behind the bunting. I think I’m probably the only person that notices this or cares, but it entertains me. It lets me pretend like I’m working with paper!

So there you have ‘em. The paperless invites from the self-proclaimed paper-aholic.

How did you handle the rehearsal dinner invites? Did you go with paper or rebel and ditch it?

Pressing Decisions: CMYK

When deciding on colors for our invitation suite, I initially had a bit of a problem. You see, I wanted a few things…

  1. Both of “our colors” Somehow, during this whole wedding planning thing, two colors emerged– a process cyan and magenta. This is very visible in our engagement shoot, as JP rocked socks in his color, the process cyan, and I went nuts in hot pink tights. Therefore, in our invites, I wanted to throw both of those colors in.
  2. Each piece in a different color Since we only have 1-color invites, I wanted to be able to get as much color bang for my buck, so to speak. We’re having a color-fabulous wedding, so the invites should be that way as well.
  3. The whole thing not to look like a big bunch of crayons One thing that I quickly found while messing around with color was that it would be easy to let our more-formal-but-still-funky-invites to go too much in the casual direction. I needed to find a way to have our colors and… eat them too? And to be able to keep things sleek.
  4. I wanted a reason Perhaps this is something that was just beat into me in art-land, or something that was instilled in me long ago by my father, but I don’t like to do things “just cuz.” I always feel the need to be able to back up my decisions and choices, no matter how random they may seem. I view most of the the things, decisions, what-have-you as a part of a giant critique. I already had a reason for the pink and blue in our invites, but what would the backing for other colors? I wanted something stronger than, “Oh, ’cause it’s pretty.”

Of course, I obsessed over this while designing everything. I obsess, a lot, if you haven’t noticed. I thought I’d never be able to make a decision.

THEN! Then. Then. THEN, on the way home from the gym, I had a brilliant idea.

I bolted into the house, quickly sketched it all out like a maniac, and cell-phone-picture sent it to my idea-bouncing peeps. (I am crazy ADHD, so ideas fall out of my head in about 2 seconds).

  1. CMYK? Our colors + traditional printmaking colors all in one. Winnnnnnsky.
  2. Cyan for JP Reception card and response card envelope.
  3. Magenta for moi Wedding invitation and return address on outer envelope.
  4. Yellow for accents Inner envelope liner and invitation band. We have billy buttons and various other yellow things. I thought that yellow would be best as a non-printed color, because it can be hard to read.
  5. Black for the dressy factor Response card, calligraphy on the outer envelope, and calligraphy on the inner envelope. Having the black as an anchor, in my opinion, helps to keep the level of formality up. It keeps it from becoming a crayon-circus-fest, and, of course, is the K in the CYMK thang.

Here it is in Ai-action. Pretend that the script is my handwriting, and also pretend that there’s a yellow band in there.

So there you have it, the colors of our invites. It’s almost time to be able to play with these guys IRL. Color me excited.

How did you decide on the colors of your invitations? Did you have an easy time choosing, or a hard time narrowing down which colors you would use?

Engagement Pictures, Part II

In this installment, explainings will be after the pictures! I now present…


*All photos by Matt Miller

After we were finished playing in the field, Matt asked us where we’d like to go next. We’d previously discussed with Matt the going to Little Five to run around, so I sort-of cautiously suggested that we head to Little Five, but there might be a cool place on the way for us to shoot. I explained that there was this random papered-up graffiti on an underpass on Memorial, and it had “Pray for ATL” written on it. Matt immediately knew what I was talking about, said he’d always wanted to shoot there but always forgot. I was feeling pretty proud of myself, internally patted myself on the back, and thought I got a few cool points with the fates.

That is until we got there. I’d forgotten how narrow the median underneath the graffiti was. I’d forgotten how fast the cars whooshed by. Matt trotted over to the middle like it was no big deal, and I stood on the edge of the sidewalk like a deer in headlights for what felt like 20 minutes. It was probably only about 2 minutes, but my frozen-ness made it seem like forever. I decided to suck it up, and ran across the street with JP.

He then had us lay down underneath the hands. By this point, my adrenaline had kicked in, so it wasn’t really a bother. I felt pretty bad-ass laying in a median with 40,oo0 ants, lots of sticker-bramble-tumbly-things, and of course, a discarded hubcap. It didn’t faze me that I was flashing about half of Atlanta, though I was very, very glad I wore tights. It was actually pretty amusing, and after seeing the pictures, I am SO glad we shot there. We are too cool for school, non?

Next up was Freedom Park, a little bit down the ways from “Pray for ATL.” This part got extra exciting for me, because this is when the CRANES came out. Oh, my delightful cranes. The COLOR that the cranes brought. Ugh, the furious-day-and-a-half of folding was totally worth it. Matt had me put on my TB heels, which I was excited and nervous about– excited for shoe shots, nervous for being 6’7″ rather than 6’3″. (I got over that little mental ish pretty quickly).  He set up the cranes around us, we yanked up JP’s pants so that his blue socks could show for the shoe shots.

After we partied with the cranes standing up, we got on the ground, and Matt rained the teeny blue cranes on us. That was super awesome, even though I’m sure we ruined about 400 shots by one of us closing our eyes. We then got up, and did a few cranes-kissing and us-kissing shots, and then headed off to our next destination: The High Museum!

I love these shots (as well as ALL of our shots), because of the intense COLOR and awesome factor. I’m glad I didn’t come off as a crazy loon by folding all of those cranes. I’d like to think that they were a pretty B.A. prop.

What awesome props did y’all use in your engagement shoots? (Or plan to use, for that matter!) Did you have any nervous-shoot locations (i.e. the underpass) that ended up being totally awesome?

Merry ‘Maids


It’s that time. I need to officially pick out bridesmaids dresses. I’ve been dragging this out because, to be honest, I feel like a bridezilla jerk telling my friends what to wear. I feel like it’s a big enough task to listen to me yammer, much less spend $XXX.XX on a dress and shoes for my wedding. My neuroses aside, I really, really love light gray bridesmaids dresses. I initially wanted to black for the dresses, but the gray just seems so chic and more appropriate for a summer wedding. I still might do black dresses, but that’s another post!

I know for bridesmaids dresses I want to choose one designer, one color, and preferably one fabric and just let ‘em go hog-wild. (Ok, I guess it’s not totally hog-wild since there are parameters). All four of the ‘maids could have different dresses, but there’d still be a common thread.

I love these J.Crew dresses in light pewter. The dresses on the top row are cotton cady, and the dresses on the second row are silk taffeta. I slightly prefer the taffeta dresses because it is a more formal fabric than the cotton cady.


Since we’re having this big ol’ technicolor-ed wedding, I love the look of bright shoes in assorted colors for the ‘maids. These shoes are by Nina in the “Design Your Own” section. I think that having a set of blue shoes, green shoes, yeller shoes, and pink shoes would look great. As we get closer to spring, there also will be more possibilities out for super bright and colorful heels.

Did you guys feel strange telling your bridesmaids what to wear?  How did you straddle the divide between letting them choose their own dresses and having them wear what you wanted?

Also, light gray dresses with bright shoes– good idea or bad idea?

Ring Porn


Today, I took some more glamour shots of my engagement ring because, well, because I felt like it. I’d never actually taken the time to sit down and do an only-engagement-ring set of pikchas, so it was long overdue. I also went non-traditional, which is pretty dang obvious. (And also not too surprising).



I probably went a little overboard, but what else is new. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gone a little slap-happy with a ring shoot. Right?

The Cranes


On Friday evening I decided that I would fold a mess-load of paper cranes for our engagement shoot. Initially, I was shooting for as many as I could get. In my over-achieving brain I thought “1000,” but that was more of a… nutso idea. Somebody would have to pick up said 1000 cranes each time we used them.

Why paper cranes? They’re something we want to incorporate into the wedding, and there will definitely be (at least) 1000 for the reception. I’ve also been doing origami since I was teeny, and let’s face it, I (and we!) love color, and what better way to throw a whole bunch of color into an engagement shoot than a bunch of colorful paper cranes? I rest my case.

After almost 2 days of folding, I ended up folding, well, I lost count. But I did fold a whole mess-load. There are a bunch of tiny blue guys that are about 1.5 inches long, a whole whole whole bunch of rainbow guys that are about 6 inches long, and 5 cranes that are, no joke, bigger than the cat. It was so nice to finally MAKE something for the wedding and have it be so fun and colorful. It made me feel like a little less of a fail-bride.

I have made a photo-tutorial of how to make them, but I just realized that without matching diagrams it’s just too dizzying. I’ll get on that as soon as I can breathe correctly again. (Stuffy nose != good drawerings).

So, without further ado, THE CRANES!


I probably went a little overboard, but more after the jump… View full post »

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

Here is the product of a day’s worth of searching through eleventy billion saved flower things on my Google Reader. I’m about to pull my hair out, but at least now I have some more honed-in things to show the florist on Tuesday!

Image sources after the jump.







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I don’t like to follow the rules.


So, our color scheme, as it stands now is totally awesome. People tend to look at me bananas when I show this to them, or the 4093 swatches I have colored out in my Moleskine. Well, suck it world, because I think this will be fantastic.

We aren’t really incorporating color into the wedding in the traditional matchy-matchy way. These colors are just inspiration/mood [ugh, I hate the word "mood" typically in this context, but fo' realz, it's the only thing that fits]. They go well with the house, etc. I’m not saying that we’ll have something in each of these colors, but, well, we’ll see.

I DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES, dangit. And I won’t.

Anybody else going a different route as far as color-picking goes?