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Card-box gold?

Being an art kid who has done her fair share of sculpture and installations means that I have a whole lot of random stuff laying around. Until a few weeks ago, I never thought to tap into these things to use for the wedding. I already knew that we would have my fairly ginormous paintings and drawings of the two of us all around the place, but I forgot about the other things I’ve accrued over the years.

The main thing as of now that I’m excited about using is an antique double-sided gumball machine. (Ok, I’m not sure how “antique” it is, given that it has some plastic parts. Let’s call it vintage instead. Work with me here). For an installation, I bought it from a salvage place [read: a place straight out of Deliverance] and repainted/restored it. Then jammed it full of cranes.

This machine, dusted, old cranes removed, painted in our colors, would be such a fun piece to use as our card-box. There’s only one problem– how do said cards get into the machine?

Option 1: Leave the tops off.
Yeaaaahh… that might look a little ghetto. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Option 2: Have a sign that tells people to take the tops off.
Too much work? Pain in the butt? Breakage? Bah.

Option 3: Cut slots into the metal tops.
This would be cool, and I think fairly doable. But still, there’s that think part. Not exactly 100% sure.

Option 4: Cut slots into the clear part.
Actually this would be disaster. Or probably a disaster. It has tears written all over it.

What should I do? Ghetto-haxx these into card-boxes? Use them for other fun decor? Fill them with something else, i.e. non-crushed-internal-hanging cranes? Check myself into a facility for crazy brides?