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Oh my.

While taking a 2.2 second break from working (HI GUYS LONG TIME NO TALK!), I stumbled upon these [insert appropriate adjective] Prada heels in the clearance section at NM.

Why, Prada, why? Lucite, vinyl, AND velcro? These are four steps away from light-up shoes. I think that I had a version of these for a middle school dance. They probably cost $12 and were very quickly discarded.

Anyway, if you have $355 to spend (originally $790! WHAT A STEAL!), and wear a size 38, these can be yours. I’m sure supplies are going very, very fast.

Purse Voyeurism

1984 LV

Kristen tagged me in one of those “What’s in your purse?” dealies, and of course I’m happy to oblige. I am a purse person. I have three regulars in rotation, but my current one is the Louis pictured above. I have no idea what the bag is actually named because I don’t think it’s in production any longer. Why? Well, it’s from 1984. It was my diaper bag. Whiny (but awesome) person that my mother is did not want to carry an actual diaper bag when I was a baby, so she bought this. It was only in use for about a year, then went into her purse storage. Ten years ago, I was being nosy and found it. Mom never used it, so she just gave it to me. Score.

Since then, it’s posed as my book-bag, a makeshift camera bag, art bag, and giant catch-all. I love the size and the cross-body strap. It’s in fabulous condition and one of the many reasons I collect LV. Invest in excellent goods, and they’ll last you a lifetime. Anyway, we’re not going to go into my “BUY LV” spiel. Let’s look at what random stuff has collected in my purse.
contents of my bag

I’m lazy, so it’s not labeled, but I’ll try to list in some sort of orderly direction. How about clockwise from the wallet.

  1. Big LV Damier wallet. It’s way too full, and I rarely snap it closed anymore. Sometimes doubles as a random clutch.
  2. Chanel denim quilted eyeglasses case. Nothing in it because my glasses were on my face. Duh.
  3. SBB train ticket
  4. Luzern Theater Spielzeit. Heavy use of HFJ type inside. Big fan.
  5. Big squared MiquelRius notebook. Cheaper than a Moleskine and 300 pages. Sorry, Moleskine. I cheat on you sometimes.
  6. Holy Taco receipt. A few months old, so all of the ink is faded off.
  7. Small LV Damier Papillon pochette filled with grayscale Prismacolor markers
  8. Random Tombow brush pens, a GT Alumni pen, and a hot pink Sharpie floating around
  9. LV Monogram key fob with an excess of keys and mini grocery store cards
  10. Hair-ties
  11. MUFE concealer palette. Best ever.
  12. Business card case, currently empty because I’ve given them all out.
  13. Tampon
  14. Thermometer because I’m always sick.
  15. Smith’s Minted Rose lip balm. Favorite.
  16. Glide floss. I have a flossing addiction.
  17. Coal Powderliner, the best eyeliner ever
  18. Old-ish Chanel pressed powder compact. I use it mainly for the mirror.
  19. Nars Multiple in Orgasm
  20. MUFE Neon Orange lipstick
  21. Nars lipstick in Funny Face
  22. A 20 CHF bill and miscellaneous coins that fell out of the stuffed wallet
  23. Two fortunes that fell out of my wallet. I keep every fortune I ever get. It’s a bit strange.
  24. A zip-top bag with an emergency Xanax and Adderall. I frequently forget to bring my afternoon meds with me, so this is a backup.
  25. Last but not least, a 4 gig CF card

There you go, all of the stuff that’s in my purse. I’m proud that there isn’t a lot of trash in there, but I have a ton of receipts shoved in the wallet, so I guess that’s cheating. Oh well.

Now I suppose I should tag people. I choose Colleen, and, well, maybe everybody else too. GO. What’s in YOUR purse?

Well played, Paloma

I know I’ve professed my love for Paloma Picasso before, given that we went the Paloma route with my engagement ring, but man, has she ever knocked me a new one with her graffiti necklaces. If I were made of money, and perhaps had a time machine, I would throw one of these necklaces on bride-Lauren in about 2.2 seconds. But, seeing as I’m not made of money, and Mr. Wells ruined the time machine bit, that won’t be happening.

Sea lo que sea, these necklaces would be a fabulous accessory for any bride (with a few extra dollars to spare.) They also come in a much more reasonably priced form, that being silver and sans diamonds, but if we’re wishing, let’s go big.

Paloma Picasso Graffiti pendants in rose gold with diamonds, $1775


I’ll play. I know there’s this Tuesday thing for shoes, and whilst I refuse to refer to it by name, I’ll bite, finally.

Too-large shoes, Banana Republic, Spring 2009. Neon socks, J. Crew, Winter/Spring 2010.

P.S. Wednesday on a Tuesday will return, just a little late.

J. Crew haxx

baller watch. click on the thumbnails to see 'em bigger.

I think it probably is no secret that I am a big fan of the J. Crew Timex watches. I even bought one for JP as a wedding present, and he loves wearing it.

I have a confession: when I bought him the watch, I had secret hopes that maybe sometimes I would be able to jack it and wear it around. That wasn’t going to happen, because he loves it. That left me pining for a watch that was a bit out of my price range for just a WANT WANT WANT. Then it dawned on me. Hey, it’s a Timex. Maybe the non-J.Crew Timex land has similar watches. Oh, and maybe straps too!

Bingo. Ish. Timex makes some pretty great faces that were similar and inexpensive compared to the J. Crew watch, but no crazy fabric bands like the neon ones I’d coveted at J. Crew. Sad trombone until a trip to Target yielded some great results– the Timex Easy Reader watches fit on JP’s fabric J. Crew band perfectly, and looked strikingly similar to his fancy watch. And way less expensive.

We purchased the watch, then ordered a neon band from J. Crew, and voila. A much more do-able version of the watch I’d been stalking for months. So, dears, if you’ve been jonesing  for a J. Crew Timex, but don’t want to drop the dollars, go this route. It’s pretty cool… and… has indiglo. Hola, middle school.

Recipe for an awesome watch

  1. Timex Easy Reader Watch, whatever dang color you want, $29.99-39.99 Make sure to get the watch via Target or Walmart. They’re about $5-10 cheaper than via the Timex website.
  2. J. Crew Watch Band, tons of colors, $10-15 Okay, let me give you the skinny on the bands. Our local J. Crew has some really incompetent staff. (I used to work in retail, so I feel that it gives me the right to bitch when employees, especially managers do not know their inventory inside and out. I mean, hello, I do, and I don’t even work there.) Anyway, the bands that were on the biggest sale online were full price in the store. Liar pants said they were “new.” Um, hi. No. He also provided some really wrong info regarding the neon bands and availability, so I just ordered online. Cheaper, and they had my neon rose. PLUS, if you order by the end of TODAY, you can get an extra 20% off of sale items [read: the awesome-colored bands] using EXTRA20 as the promotion code. Sweet.
  3. Without tax/shipping/what-have-you, you are able to get a $170 watch set-up for $40. WIN.

Whatcha think? Pretty good, no?

“Do Me” shoes.

United Nude "Lo Res"

I have a shoe thing. These United Nude shoes are just… unf, put them on my feet and let me prance around. I am such a huge fan. They’re sculptural, a play on a traditional mary jane, and look like art for feet. They’re probably as uncomfortable as all get-out, but one doesn’t wear shoes like this for comfort, agreed?

United Nude “Lo Res” pumps, $260

Dear Banana Republic

Why in God’s green earth did you make this bow-crotch dress?

I really need some good things to wear to showers and events, so if you could not waste time making bow-crotch dresses, that would be great.



Where is my pocket protector?

Picked up my new glasses today, and they are baller.

Denim, tortoise, and Chanel? Yes, please. Sunglasses haxxed into regular glasses? Another yes.

I need some suspenders as well.

Also, our invites came in the mailz today. Be prepared for some serious paper in the coming days.