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I’m finally changing hosts, so big hooray for that. Things might be funky around here for a few days while all of the content fully transfers.

Looking forward to finally having a more reliable and FASTER site. Hooray!


The fine folks at Host Gator have moved all of my content, databases, etc. over, and everything is dramatically faster. I am a pleased, pleased Lauren.


Happy happy! I hope everyone had a very happy, fun, and safe holiday. I’m in list-making mode, so I thought I’d hit the high points and do a quick 2011 update on things to come!

1. First, mad thanks to BrideTide for naming me one of the top 100 wedding blogs for 2011. (I guess this means I should really get back on the recap train, right?)

2. I’m in the process of finishing a big ol’ portfolio/business site aside from the blog, and I’m very excited to get it live. Will make booking and such much easier, and much less around-your-elbow. So yes, new site, coming soon.

3. Along with the site, I’m re-doing the blog. If things look funky around here, I’m probably tinkering. I’ll be moving my photo blog over here and just combining it all. I started to see no real point in having to separate blogs, since I had a lot of cross-over. Also, total re-design over here. Yay.

4. A hair of the bleh: I’m having major hosting problems right now. Servers are VERY SLOW, and anything php-related is getting the shaft, so my wordpress sites, including this site, have been almost impossible to load, post, blog, edit, etc. Maddening to say the least. If it’s not remedied soon, hosting will be switched.  In short, my sites are acting broken, and it is not my fault. Apologies for slow loads, if it even loads at all.

Again, happy 2011, and hope to be able to blog normally again!

A Wednesday Thursday

Merry Christmas from the most devilish Christmas elf ever.

Deal time!

A bit of an announcement from photography-land! Drumroll please…

That’s right! I’m offering engagement and portrait sessions for $125 in the Atlanta area! What’s included in this delightful special?

  • A 2-hour shoot with yours truly
  • Online viewing
  • 20 fully-edited high-resolution images on a disc
  • Lots of fun!

Space is limited, so contact me as soon as possible if you are interested! Email me at or use the handy-dandy contact link up top for a form! Feel free to pass this information along to any friends, family, etc. who might be interested. (Great for holiday card season as well!)


As an added bonus, my first booking gets a 20% discount and 5 extra fully-edited images!

Ready, set, GO!

Back in the saddle

lr + jp

My arms are not long enough to properly do self-shots with a 50mm lens.

We’re back stateside and recovering from the jaunt abroad. Switzerland was lovely despite the fact that somehow I turned my back into Gimpy McBroken along the way. Both of us are a bit jet-lagged, have those weird airplane-induced colds, and are trying to get into work mode.

Trip photos and more details go come, as well as the return of our wedding recaps and super-exciting photo-shoot deals + giveaways. (I really need to find the internet equivalent of a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.)


Just arrived by train to Luzern. Ridiculous. We’re tired, but in adrenaline-rush-OMGSTUFF mode. Time to explore and find some delicious foods.

Let’s hope I can have a face-off with the swan that chased me down in 1998. Or at least one of his kinfolk. Bastard swan. IT’S ON, SWITZERLAND.

Talk soon!

From October 29th until November 4th, I will be in Switzerland! Smarty-pants JP is presenting a paper at a conference and I’m lucky enough to tag along. I’ll spend my days traipsing about Lausanne, and perhaps venturing over to Geneva, camera and sketchbooks most definitely in tow.

My internet access will be spotty at best, so please forgive my total absence from the internet and connected world. I know I’ll certainly go through withdrawals!

BUT, don’t let this stop you from contacting me, either by the contact form above or by email- If you’re looking for Atlanta-area photography in November or December, please send word my way, as my pricing is low, low, low at present and space is limited.

And now I must go pack, prepare, and wrap up some projects! Wedding recaps + (hopefully) trip recaps to come when I get back!

A huge hooray!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I have this little love for photography. I’ve been saving up, trying to get my ducks in a row, and stalling all over the place, but I’ve finally done it. (Or started doing it, more correctly.) I’ve stepped up to the plate and finally started an official photography website/blog for my venture.

It’s very exciting! BUT, what’s just as exciting is that I got to photograph Kelly of Spindle Photography. Isn’t she adorable?

Lots and lots of fun. Go over and see the full post with lots more pictures!