Out with a bang.

After I was freed, we thought it would be a good time to hand out gifts and cards to our bridal party.

First, they opened the cards. In a crazy last-minute push, I made custom cards for each person. JP and I had previously agreed to just use blank cards given the ridiculous amount of stuff we had left to do. Of course I didn’t follow orders, and in a crazy last-minute go, I churned out a set of inside joke and illustrated fold-over cards, complete with pink liners for the girls and blue for the guys.

For those interested, here are the fronts of the drawn-at-2-am cards.

As they began opening the presents, I made creepy faces while looking over shoulders.

The girls got pearl studs, pearl necklaces, and some silly heart sunglasses to wear the next day.

The guys were gifted Chucks, colored socks, and some Wayfarer-esque sunglasses.

They were a hit. (And thankfully all fit!)

Before the night could come to a close, there had to be one more bout of mischief. In lieu of the traditional breaking of plates on a Polterabend, we were going to break apart a piñata!

Full disclosure: I was a bit over-eager on the piñata-bashing. See the tear around the neck? About a minute before, I had forgotten to wait until Mr. Miller was set up… and totally one-blow decapitated the poor donkey. (Is it a donkey? Or burro? Or horse?) We put the poor guy’s head back on, and got ready to do it again.

I was a bit gentle with it at first, seeing as how I killed it before. JP, however, seems to be going for blood.

After not doing much damage, we stood it back up and went at it again.

And I took the head off… again.

JP impaled it, and I Manolo-ed it.

…but then impaled it.

Picked it up, dumped out the candy…

…and the poor piñata…

…was kaput.

(I fully expected this piñata head to end up in my bed that night, a la the Godfather.)

We cleaned up the candy together, in true Polterabend style, while everbody watched and laughed at my inability to keep my dang skirt down. Classy and forgetful lady. (Though I will mention that we should get a few bonus points. We “donated” allllll of the candy to the kidlets that were in the other two-thirds of the restaurant. Nobody wants a sugar rush bride, right?)

After the dinner was over, we packed up and left. Lots of fun was had by all, lots of embarrassing (but good-humored!) stories were told, fun presents were handed out, and I think it was the best and most perfect rehearsal dinner we could have hoped for.

How did you end your rehearsal dinner? Out with a wired bang, or a quiet and sleepy one?

*All photos by Matt Miller of Our Labor of Love.

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Mrs GatorSeptember 23, 2010 - 6:55 pm

I can’t believe you whipped up those cards so quickly. They are sooo cute. I want oneeeeee! I hope your bridal party keeps them!

bowie brideSeptember 23, 2010 - 7:45 pm

This looks like you guys had nearly as much fun here as you did at the actual wedding. Awesomeness. Manolo’s on the pinata was my favorite =)

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