Come on, Lauren.

We last left off with me being late. And stressed.

While everybody waited on us to arrive, they apparently stood around in circles and wondered where in the heck we were.

Oh, and made silly faces.

We finally arrived…

… and my excessive ribbon bouquet (which will get its own post once I actually photograph it) was thrust into my hands.

Yes, I realize I look like a deranged cupcake. This is some preliminary evidence showing that I apparently am the worst bouquet holder ever. Despite reading about 40,000 tutorials about correct bouquet placement, I was always determined to hold it way too high. I don’t think I can count the number of times I was told to put the dang thing lower, but I never paid any attention.

Anyway, we then began to rehearse. And everybody watched the cupcake before she finally came to the front of the church for instructions.

We sat there and were good children who paid attention…

…or so it seemed. In reality, I was not “present” during our rehearsal. I was miserable, and truth be told, I can’t remember much of what went on. My eye was killing me, I was overly concerned about what everybody else thought about my one crying eye, and I was quiet and cranky. Halfway through the rehearsal, MOH Laura urged me to just take the dang things out, which I did. I was blind as a bat for the rest of the time, and my eye was still watering like crazy, but at least I wasn’t in as much pain. While we were wrapping up, I, for some unknown reason, felt the need to inform each person as to what was going on with my eye.

“I’m not crying. My eye is messed up. I think it’s either an allergy or a bad contact.”

“Oh, I was wondering what was going on. I thought ‘I had no idea that Lauren was that emotional!’”

At least people got the point that I wasn’t crying.

When we were all finished, I knew I needed to get home ASAP. This eye thing had to be handled, one way or another, and it was not going to affect the rest of the night. I was not going to ruin this any more, as I was disappointed that I’d let it get to me so much already and was embarrassed by my behavior.

While everybody else left for the restaurant, Laura and I scurried home. I obsessed for a good thirty minutes, had a few near-cry-meltdowns, and finally manned up. I got a fresh pair of contacts out, tossed the gimpy one, fixed my makeup for the thirtieth time, and finally, finally, FINALLY started behaving. Laura, wonder-worker that she is, calmed me down, got me on track, and got me out of the house.

I am happy to report that I behaved from then onward. I was happy bride, fun bride, and more importantly, myself.

What do you do when minor events get the best of you? How did you handle it (or plan to handle it!) during wedding-land?

*All photos taken by bridesmaid June, and subsequently jacked from her Facebook.

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[...] The day before our wedding was entirely too hectic, and our rehearsal was almost foiled by a contact. [...]

[...] The day before our wedding was entirely too hectic, and our rehearsal was almost foiled by a contact. [...]

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