Opening up a whole ‘nother can of worms

I was just about to hang up the towel for the day when I found this dress by Vera Wang, and was totally and completely floored.


What is this? A long dress? From someone who so forcefully said “Ick, no long dresses at all. I’m not that mean,” just a year ago, if not a month ago? Yes. You see, I’d been pining over the Vera Wang dress for months, even prior to finding my dress, but wrote it off as being “too mean.” First of all, it was long, and I figured that it would be way out of the price range that I was willing to suggest. Vera Wang? C’mon, there’s no way that this dress would be able to work, right?

Wrong! This dress, in all of its glory, rings in at $220. Both June and my mother loved it, and I think it goes without saying that I loved it. Just look at those pleats, that fabric, those details.


It comes in a lovely array of colors, though we’re most interested in antique gold, sand dune, and steel. (Or otherwise known as nude, ivory-ish nude, and dark gray, respectively).


We left the shop, swatches of fabric in hand, and pretty dang excited. When I arrived home, I checked with two more of the four bridesmaids, and got a green light for this dress. Woohoo! (The fourth ‘maid is in Italy, and let’s assume she’ll be on board, shall we?)

I started getting really neurotic.  I was concerned that this flowing, romantic dress would not go hand in hand with our “OMG bright colors” theme. Was choosing this dress going to open up a totally different can of worms with respect to what we could or could not do? Was it totally going to clash with what we have going on? For about three days, I was a bit of a nervous ball of energy. You want to know what happened next? (Well, of course you probably do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this…)

I told my neuroses to suck it, shove a sock in it, and just generally STFU. We love this dress, it’s amazing, and I trust that everything will fall into place, bright colors, craziness, and all. So, ladies, I’m trying to trust my instincts and just go with the flow. It might mean a new can of worms, but it might not. All I’m sure of is that it definitely means a bananas-awesome set of dresses.

So darlings, did your intended theme seem to go in one direction, while your actual choices went in another? Did you chose a bridesmaids’ dress that was totally out of your initial scope? How did you handle it? Also, what do you think of this dress– le win or le fail?

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kjpugsJanuary 21, 2010 - 1:16 pm

Boo- the website doesn’t have the grey color. I really wanted to see it! Also the website says $240 – did you find it discounted? Because that would be amazing. It looks gorgeous! I think with all the accents, flowers, etc, it will be the perfect backdrop for the colorful celebration!

luli29January 22, 2010 - 9:41 pm

that dress is super gorgeous!

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