Engagement Pictures, Part II

In this installment, explainings will be after the pictures! I now present…


*All photos by Matt Miller

After we were finished playing in the field, Matt asked us where we’d like to go next. We’d previously discussed with Matt the going to Little Five to run around, so I sort-of cautiously suggested that we head to Little Five, but there might be a cool place on the way for us to shoot. I explained that there was this random papered-up graffiti on an underpass on Memorial, and it had “Pray for ATL” written on it. Matt immediately knew what I was talking about, said he’d always wanted to shoot there but always forgot. I was feeling pretty proud of myself, internally patted myself on the back, and thought I got a few cool points with the fates.

That is until we got there. I’d forgotten how narrow the median underneath the graffiti was. I’d forgotten how fast the cars whooshed by. Matt trotted over to the middle like it was no big deal, and I stood on the edge of the sidewalk like a deer in headlights for what felt like 20 minutes. It was probably only about 2 minutes, but my frozen-ness made it seem like forever. I decided to suck it up, and ran across the street with JP.

He then had us lay down underneath the hands. By this point, my adrenaline had kicked in, so it wasn’t really a bother. I felt pretty bad-ass laying in a median with 40,oo0 ants, lots of sticker-bramble-tumbly-things, and of course, a discarded hubcap. It didn’t faze me that I was flashing about half of Atlanta, though I was very, very glad I wore tights. It was actually pretty amusing, and after seeing the pictures, I am SO glad we shot there. We are too cool for school, non?

Next up was Freedom Park, a little bit down the ways from “Pray for ATL.” This part got extra exciting for me, because this is when the CRANES came out. Oh, my delightful cranes. The COLOR that the cranes brought. Ugh, the furious-day-and-a-half of folding was totally worth it. Matt had me put on my TB heels, which I was excited and nervous about– excited for shoe shots, nervous for being 6’7″ rather than 6’3″. (I got over that little mental ish pretty quickly).  He set up the cranes around us, we yanked up JP’s pants so that his blue socks could show for the shoe shots.

After we partied with the cranes standing up, we got on the ground, and Matt rained the teeny blue cranes on us. That was super awesome, even though I’m sure we ruined about 400 shots by one of us closing our eyes. We then got up, and did a few cranes-kissing and us-kissing shots, and then headed off to our next destination: The High Museum!

I love these shots (as well as ALL of our shots), because of the intense COLOR and awesome factor. I’m glad I didn’t come off as a crazy loon by folding all of those cranes. I’d like to think that they were a pretty B.A. prop.

What awesome props did y’all use in your engagement shoots? (Or plan to use, for that matter!) Did you have any nervous-shoot locations (i.e. the underpass) that ended up being totally awesome?

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LisaDecember 5, 2009 - 8:15 pm

Oh the cranes! The color! Even the black and whites at the end are fantastic. So lovely, girl. :)

VeeDecember 6, 2009 - 11:15 am

The first one and the second-to-last one are my favorites out of this bunch. That second-to-last one, my GOD, I would blow up to 11×13 on a wrapped canvas and hang it over my mantle, if I were you. (Since you asked and stuff… heh!)

We didn’t use any props in ours… ours weren’t that creative at all, actually! We thought about including our pit bulls in the shoot, but they are a little rambunctious and we were worried we’d spend the whole time trying to control them instead of looking pretty.

Mrs. Hot CocoaDecember 9, 2009 - 11:42 pm

I heart these pictures! All of them. The origami birds are total genius. I wish my fiance — now husband — would have been on board with a “concept shoot” like that. But I could barely get him to be okay with taking photos!

BTW, fifty, how awesome does your blog look?!! So stylish!

LaurenDecember 10, 2009 - 12:10 am

@Lisa- Thanks! I am so glad that I went crazy at the last minute and decided to do all of those cranes. For the wedding, I think I’ll start… in January. I’m going to make ones with 4′x 4′ paper. I am that crazy.

@Vee- Dude, I want to have them all blown up and hung everywhere. Black frame + large white mat + giant photo= delightful. We thought about throwing the kitten in with ours, but I think we would have had the same problem that you worried about!

@Cocoa- Thank you! I’m so surprised that I actually love all of them. I usually will see photos with a sliver of myself and I go into hiding. JP is so patient and willing, bless his heart. I just can’t believe we pulled off a concept shoot! Y’all can just have a concept anniversary session. :p Oh, and thanks again! I tried to make it pretty and awesome. lol

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