So, guys, I’ve done it. I’ve moved to a full-fledged site with a blog built right in. Still moving all of this content over there, but yes, here are the new URLs!

For the site:

ILOVEYOUMUCH.COM (so, the same)

For the blog:

ILOVEYOUMUCH.COM/BLOG (integrated into the site, but just in case you want to jump straight there)

Also make sure to change your blog subscriptions in your readers, if you are so inclined!



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New Stuff!

…is fun.

New business cards printed by CatPrint on #118 cotton stock and some fun fun MT paper tape from PrettyTape on Etsy.

I kind of want to get giant ILYM stickers to sneak around Atlanta. Someday, someday.

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Annie + Shawn

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I’m finally changing hosts, so big hooray for that. Things might be funky around here for a few days while all of the content fully transfers.

Looking forward to finally having a more reliable and FASTER site. Hooray!


The fine folks at Host Gator have moved all of my content, databases, etc. over, and everything is dramatically faster. I am a pleased, pleased Lauren.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Two images from yesterday’s two-part engagement shoot at Serenbe with the very gorgeous Katie and Nate.

More to come, but until then, happy happy love day!

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Courtney + Charles

Lovely and engaged!

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Charly + Randy | Teaser

A few shots from today’s engagement shoot at Turner Field with Charly and Randy. 100% hilarious, 100% fun, 100% awesome.

Much more to come, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few!

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My newfound love for GPS

I get lost. A lot. My sense of direction is worse than, well, than a blind rat. (Let’s subtract their spatial memory, mkay?) I have lost faith in Google Maps after it led me to get LOST IN THE PROJECTS AT 1AM. There were people. Crowding the 4Runner. At stop lights. I was crying. After frantic calls to JP, he finally directed me out of there. I had somehow gotten twenty miles off course, in what seemed like about 2.2 seconds.

Enter a Christmas gift, and a virtual life-saver.

Garmin nüvi, product image from Amazon

Running at just over $100 on Amazon right now, it’s a great tool to have. GPS, traffic, bluetooth, no monthly fee shenanigans, and mounts to my window without any hassle or adhesives. There are a whole slew of options, price ranges, extra features (custom routes, etc.), on some of the upper models, but this does the trick. It has been incredibly accurate, and on several occasions we’ve ignored it’s traffic suggestions… only to get stuck in some horrid jams.

As a photographer and bidness lady, it’s important for me to not only get to locations, but also to be able to get home from locations, you know, without GETTING LOST IN THE PROJECTS. I hadn’t ever thought about branching out from my Google Maps printouts (that fail me at least 50% of the time), but I’m so glad that JP thought of this. Also, saves money on printer paper, ink, and less clutter in my car. Win-win. (I admit, I still do double-check everything on Google Maps, but just as a brief glance… just in case.)

If you are as bad at navigation as I am, get thee a GPS, and rejoice in how affordable they can be!

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