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Pierson and the Snow

In early December, Pierson and I were surprised with some beautiful light flurries during her portrait session. It was very exciting given that Atlanta rarely gets much snow. (Little did we know that we’d have a Snowpocalypse on Christmas AND this past week. Woops!) It was great fun running around with the snow whirling around us, as well as just talking and laughing! Hooray for Pierson and such a fun time.

The First Look: The best of intentions

Sometimes things don’t always “work.” We were stuck inside during our bridal party portraits, and were all a little slap-happy. For some reason, we decided to be all play-serious. It came from a place of silly. We had a lot of fun being weirdos, and knew the results would either be on the awesome side or on the awkward side. We landed on the latter. I almost left this little section out, as we did some normal/fun bridal party pictures post-ceremony. (Good call, photogs.) Buuut, I didn’t. For one, the guys didn’t look as awkward as we did, and for another, well, it’s a good learning experience. Sometimes having fun and being silly doesn’t translate into the best photos later.

Case in point, my “relaxed” face. When I tried to relax my face and look bored, I’d pull my chin back. Why? Why would I do this when my normal relaxed face was, well, normal. I have no idea.

Yes, I went there.

No idea.

Awkward, yes.

Ok, whew, shoes! Yay. (I know I’ve shown about 1,000 shoe shots, but, as I’ve said before, I have a thing for shoes, and these help cut the awkward.)

Standing around, intentionally acting bored.

Then, as thunder was booming outside, we started doing the robot. Matt was kind enough to beatbox for us while we robot-ed.

I’m actually a fan of this one, because it was moments before the breakdown of weird. (And it does look pretty cool!)

You can see the beginnings of the laughter about to go down. I started snickering, and it was all over from there.

I finally burst out laughing, because, well, you just have to laugh when you’re doing the robot. With your best friends. Inside an art museum. While the sky is opening up outside. On your wedding day. I believe I bent over for a good few minutes to laugh and compose myself.

JP and I then held some cranes in our hands.

Laura did the same.

Then, as it was about time to roll out, the boys brought back some cool, jumping around and such.

And showing everybody their socks.

And looking like members of the secret service. Pretty great, I think.

So there you go, some of the strangest and most awkward bridal party portraits you probably ever did see. Part of me rushes through them, nervous to even see them, but another part of me clings onto them. We really did have a truck-ton of fun, even if we look nuts. Looking back on them, I remember how between every shot, we’d have trouble composing ourselves. The amount of awkward jokes we made, the beat-boxing and robot-ing. It truly was great fun, all in the midst of a giant thunderstorm.

My advice? I really don’t know. Going back in time, I probably would have not gone this weirdly serious route with the girls. The guys pulled it off. As a group, we had fun doing the robot, and were killing time. I would advice past-me to maybe take a few normal shots as well. So yeah, the advice part. Have fun on your wedding day. Have fun with your portraits. Just maybe try to pull the slap-happy back if you start doing things that will, at that point in time, will end up “really awesome or really awkward.” Maybe air more on the side of shots that don’t have polar-opposite possible outcomes. But, still, first and foremost, have fun.

*All photographs from Matt Miller of Our Labor of Love.

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The First Look: Breaking and Entering

Ok, so, confession time. We had some not-totally-legit action during the first look. Our first look was supposed to take place outside of the art building and in the surrounding areas. I never planned to venture into the museum. I also never planned for it to be about eleventy-billion degrees outside, nor did I have any contingency plans for rain. When we arrived, before all of the running and jumping took place, my father asked me if we were going to get into the building via the front entrance or the loading dock. I looked at him blankly. “We’re going in?”

“Lauren, you’re kidding me. It’s insanely hot outside, there are chances of thunderstorms starting at any moment, and you’re taking pictures outside of a building? That you cannot enter?”

Yeah, not the best planning on my part. Wonderful rescue-father that he is, he called my mother to relay the news, who then called head of campus operations [ed. note: I made that up. I have no idea what his actual title is.], who then called campus security, who then called the police department, who then arrived right as we were finishing our outside shots. I saw the police car pull up, immediately got scared, as I didn’t know about the longest game of wedding-day telephone had been played. Oh crap. They’re going to make us leave because it’s a Saturday, and technically school isn’t in session right now. Crap crap crap crap.

The police officer smiled as she walked by us, unlocked the doors, congratulated us, and told us she’d be back at 4:30 to lock back up. Totally stunned, I thanked her profusely, and thanks to everyone involved, we all rushed into the heavily-air-conditioned building to towel off, regroup, and maybe take a few pictures before venturing back outside.

When I’m really hot, really tired, really sore, or really anything, I like to lie down on the floor. The floors in the building are cold and marble, and as stupid as this may sound, they called to me. So we took some photos on the (very, very clean) ground.

I was surprised at how difficult it was to lie down like a normal human being in a wedding dress. All of those photoshoots with brides rolling around in fields? Bah! They must be professionals!

It felt a bit awkward at first, but the cold ground felt too amazing to resist. It was also pretty entertaining to have cranes and hearts tossed around us as well.

All cooled off, we decided to go to a field across the street while the weather would still allow. The wind was blowing like mad, and you could see the thunder clouds rolling in. My only thoughts were of excitement. Oooh, angry skies. What a lovely backdrop. I love a good angry sky in photos.

We loaded up the props and headed across the street.

The wind blew, my dress swirled, and I stood.

Then everybody took turns throwing the inflatable heart over.

JP joined me in the heart arena.

Then it was my turn to throw the heart.

Just look at those skies.

We each were given a heart, and I still maintain that I got the short end of the deal. The pink stuffed heart did not like to be held, was heavy, and I kept hulk-smash squeezing it. And laughing.

“You’re smushing it, Lauren! Hold it more gently!”

Sweet success, though you can see my vice-like grip on the heart’s edge.

We put the hearts down, made sweet for the camera, and then the drops started falling. Big alligator drops.

Our fearless photogs prepped us for more running. I was all about running around on our wedding day, so nobody had to tell me twice.

As the water began to pelt us all, we ran for the camera.

And then we all…

…ran for the cars.

Gear was quickly thrown into cars to protect from the skies opening up, and we all headed back across the street to meet the bridal party for more shots. This time? Inside.

*All photographs from Matt Miller of Our Labor of Love.

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