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Gouache + Moleskine = Guestbook

For our guestbook, we decided to use a Moleskine. I have at least 3 or 4 on my person at any given time– squared, sketchbooks, Cahier, agenda, etc. I also made JP into a Moleskine convert many moons ago. (Ok, not that many, given the fact that we’ve only been together for just under 2.5 years. Work with me here.)

So yes, the guestbook. This weekend, we bought an extra large kraft Moleskine Cahier to use for said guestbook. Today, my crazy butt decided that it would not be complete until I painted it. With our wedding stuff. With just a few days until the wedding. With a lot of other stuff to do. Yes, crazy, but damn if it wasn’t fun and pretty darn successful! Take a look!

All it took was drawing it out with a drafting pencil and praying that my crazy-shaky hands kept steady while doing the hairlines. All-in-all, about a 45-minute project.There still needs one more coat of gouache, and a little erasery-poo-action to get rid of the visible pencil lines, but other than that, it is donesky.

What are you doing for your guestbook? What crazy projects did you take on the week before the wedding? Did things go quickly and smoothly, or end in disaster? Also, big hollas to any fellow Moleskine lovers!