March 4, 1996

Dear kiitty,

Today is March 4, 1996. I am about finished with my K-Nex Roller-coasterkit. It is very neat. Moma is at a meeting. Daddy is staying with me. Tommorrow I’m going on a orchesstra trip to large Group Festival. Middlle schoool, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades are going. I am part of the Middle school orchestra because I am really good. (Thats not conceited, it’s true). I am only in 5th grade. We get to miss school! Yeeaaahhh!!! No Mrs. Masters*, no Mrs. Cars*. Double Yeah!!! Mrs. Cars* is pretty nice, but Mrs. Masters* is a smart-elick. (Did I spell that right?! Well, I don’t care, this isn’t school, Yeah!!) Net week on Wed., thurs., + Fri. we are going to be in Orlando! More schooll missing! Then the 25th-29th of March there is the school trip which I can’t go on, is going to happen. Good riddance! More missing school! Yeaaahhh!! Then a week after that is Spring Break! My feelings are kind of hurt because nobody invited me to the beach. Jane* asked Amanda* and she doesn’t even like her! Christy* likes Sam! (Not, that was just a rumor, or maybe……) Oh, well. I wish I had a boy friend. (Preferably Mark Smith). He is so cute and sweet to me. Everybody else hates him. That is very hard to imagine. Right now I am listneing to *94 on the radio in my room. (It is really a CD player but it has a radio and tape player on it, so I guess it is called a boombox.) Thomas Michael’s 1st birthday is the day after Easter this year. Saterday I went on a shopping spree at the Gap and we bought my new spring wardrobe. Everything costed $200-$300 all together! I am wearing one of my new outfits now. It is the color coral. It is pretty.



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