Thursday, July 6, 1995

Dear Kitty,

Hi! It’s me. I am so sorry that I havent written in so long. I have peen so busy! We just got back from Destin. Grandma went with us, but Nanny didn’t come. Mommy and Daddy looked at some houses and codos. We might buy one! Mommy and I might go back to Destin with Mary Sue*, Mrs. Anderson*, and unfortunate but true, Jo*. Needless to say, Jo* is a 6-year-old terror!!

In 1 month, 2 weeks, and two days I will be in 5th grade- Middle School!! We get lockers! (I am sorry my writing is messy, but I am writing in bed) I may get a lock for my locker.

I have to go to bed! Bye!




[Ed. Note: TheĀ asterisks denote faux names. Innocent protecting and all that.]

5 Responses to “Thursday, July 6, 1995”

  • So funny that you were counting the days until school started. You know it’s because you couldn’t wait to use your new school supplies. We were talking the other day about how starting on June 1 you wanted to call to see if the school supply list for the beginning of school was ready. LOL. The day you got school supplies was your second favorite day of the year (first was obviously Christmas).

  • “I have peen so busy” REALLY?? Is that a typo on here or did you really write that? 5th grade Lauren is adorable. (Of course, new-wife Lauren is just as adorable.)

  • I love the peen! Hahaha… also love Jo the terror! šŸ™‚

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