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Wednesday on a Tuesday II

Wednesday wanted to hang out with some rulers, and there’s no stopping a cat on a mission.
Six-second exposures turned Wednesday into ghost cat.

By any means necessary, right?

And thus concludes this week’s Wednesday on a Tuesday.

Wednesday on a Tuesday

Wednesday naps with her on-again off-again best friend, Herbert.

Random Wednesday

Today I made a Wednesday video. Pointless? Yeah, probably, but it was fun to do. Plus, everybody loves cat vids, right?

Quality assurance

A certain black kitty has decided that nesting on her minion’s price sheets would be the best idea ever.

When said minion tried to retrieve said price sheets, kitty decided that biting was the best recourse. Go figure.

…Something shaky, something blue

I’m partaking in the “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” tradition. I had the old, new, borrowed, and sixpence on lockdown (and to be revealed later!), but was clueless as to what would be my blue. For awhile, I contemplated using Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague as my toenail polish for blue-ish toes, but wasn’t totally sold on that– I didn’t want to look like or imply that I had cold feet!

A few days ago, JP suggested the best something blue ever. I mean, seriously. Perfect.

You see, we both have a serious love-affair with our kitty, Wednesday. We are already sad that we won’t be able to have her come to the wedding, given the whole “don’t want to stress our kitty out” thing, but now my something blue will allow us to have a little bit of Wednesday at the wedding! A BLUE SHAKY MOUSE!

Shaky mice are her absolute favorite toys. I swear that she has at least 50. She loves to hide them under the stove, washing machine, dryer, play fetch with them, drop them onto my face when I won’t wake up, and just generally trot around the apartment with them in her mouth. We put all of her blue mice out, and had her choose one. Her favorite, the blue shaky pictured, will be pinned or stitched into my dress for my something blue. I can’t wait to have a little bit of Wednesday shake down the aisle with me.

Did you find your something blue in the most random of places? What’s your something blue? Traditional or no?