Give me down to there hair

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In my previous hair posts, I kept assuming that I had to do an up-do. Georgia in June? Up-do, else-way there will be floofy frizzy fly-aways. Problem: I couldn’t ever envision myself with a bridal up-do. Couldn’t do it. While pouting and flipping through my inspiration folders crammed full of gorgeous brides, I re-discovered this gorgeous bride with super-straight down-to-there hair, and was determined to be a down-do bride.

So yes. My crazy butt will be wearing my hair down in June. Before you write me off as being totally off my rocker, I have some things in my corner that will help me make this work.

  1. I’m getting a Brazilian hair-straightening treatment. No, not the one that is packed with formaldehyde, the other less-scary one. Even though my hair is super-straight on its own, with sweat and humidity, I get baby curls and fly-aways. This will help my hair to be as stick straight as possible. Added bonus? It will supposedly make my fine hair appear to be thicker. Winsky!
  2. I’m getting extensions. My hair is already pretty dang long. It’s grown out a good 4 inches below my collar bones. However, it’s pretty fine, thin, and isn’t as thick as the bottom as I’d like. Extensions will add some more much-needed hair, and while I’m at it, some extra length. 18″ and color 1b, if anyone cares.
  3. My hair magician is rescuing me on the wedding day. Months ago, when I first started talking wedding hair with Luke, my hairstylist, he said that he wouldn’t be able to do my hair for the wedding. Hola, burst bubble. He never did weddings because it was too expensive to comp a whole day’s work and tips, plus the extra crazy bride and bridal party stress. WELL. A few weeks ago, my puppy dog eyes did their work, the planets aligned, and Luke has the day off. So sweet, talented, awesome Luke will be trekking all the way down to LaGrange to do my hairs. I’m so excited.

I may be crazy in my goal of being a straight-haired down-do bride, but hell, it’s worth a try to be able to look and feel like myself on the wedding day. (Well, a more glammed-up and blown-out version of myself, but who’s counting?)

Who else is a down-do rather than an up-do bride? Straight, wavy, or curly? My fellow summer brides, what are you doing to protect your ‘do from the elements?

* I starred this source link, because I am not 100% sure of the source. I had it saved in my “pulled from google images” folder, but that isn’t really satisfactory sourcing imho. If anyone knows the original source of this bride, let me know so that I can correctly cite it!