Rue + ILYM

This spring, I was able to photograph an awesome Atlanta shopping adventure with Chassie Post for Rue Magazine, and it’s out in issue five!

The article begins on page 22, and goes on from there. Go check it out!

P.S. I’ll be posting some of my favorites from the shoot in a bit. 🙂

Well hello there!

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other, and I greatly apologize for that. My life has been a swirl of work…which has been TOTALLY AWESOME. I’ve had moments where I mentally stop myself and wonder, “Seriously, is this happening? Is this my life? I must be dreaming.” No joke. Boy, do I have stories to tell. (Granted, I have had a few bumps and bruises along the way– the latest being an epic battle with Delta over them crushing my laptop.)

Anyway, new site! New look! New everything! Just to keep everything together, I slowly and painstakingly built this blogsite, as the kids are calling it these days, from the ground up. It’s still squeaky in a few places, and not everything is uploaded, but it’s getting there. (Galleries? Not all uploaded. Links? Not all there. The frontpage? A random smattering of images– not all the way there yet! Some formatting? Yes, there is still a bit left to do. All of the posts imported from the old blog? Nein.) I just couldn’t wait any longer. I miss blogging. I miss the community. I miss the HEY GUYS LOOK WHAT I DID. I miss showing off my clients.

So yes, with that quintessential Lauren ramble, I’m back!

P.S. Check out my super-fun kind-of Madlibs-style contact form. I am a little too entertained by it.

New Stuff!

…is fun.

business cards

New business cards printed by CatPrint on #118 cotton stock and some fun fun MT paper tape from PrettyTape on Etsy.

I kind of want to get giant ILYM stickers to sneak around Atlanta. Someday, someday.

Annie and Shawn

Annie and Shawn


I’m finally changing hosts, so big hooray for that. Things might be funky around here for a few days while all of the content fully transfers.

Looking forward to finally having a more reliable and FASTER site. Hooray!


The fine folks at Host Gator have moved all of my content, databases, etc. over, and everything is dramatically faster. I am a pleased, pleased Lauren.