A gift for my groom

For our wedding day presents, we set some ground rules, or rather one ground rule– don’t spend too much money. With each of our secret ideas, we kept upping the price barrier. First? Had to be handmade, with little-to-no money spent. Next? Under $50. Then? Under $100. Now, we’ve both bought things in the just-under-$200 range. I have no idea what he has bought me, but I am pleased as punch with my purchase for him.

Everyone else, continue after the jump, and again, JP, if you click on this, I will be pissed. Love you.

Fun in the Sunnies: The Ladies

I recently ordered some fun heart sunglasses from Urban Outfitters for the gals and me to wear on the wedding day. Why? Well, as you’ve probably gathered, hearts are one of our themes/things for the wedding, these glasses are on the low-end of costy-land, make great props, and they’re just dang fun. I chose three pair of translucent pink ones for them, and then ordered one of each color for myself. I just can’t decide.

I could wear pink ones, because of the light and pretty factor.

I could wear the opaque red ones as an homage to the red of my soles.

Lastly, I could don the black ones as a throw to my ever-beloved rounded Wayfarers. (Hell, I’ll probably be wearing those guys for half of the day anyway.)

I’m excited for us to play dress-up in these, and hopefully by the wedding day I’ll know which color to wear!

What fun and cheapie props did you get/make for your wedding day? Anybody else have a slight heart obsession like moi? Oh, and most importantly, which color should I wear?! (Crap, you guys, I interrobanged that last question. This must be serious bidness!)

The Big Ones

On Sunday night, JP and I had a massive dance-party with ourselves and the kitten– we finalized our choices for “the big ones,” as I like to call ’em. I thought I’d share ’em with you all, as well as our runners up, just because we had so much fun doing this. Also, way to put this off until the last minute, us. What can I say? Music was super important to us, so choosing it seemed virtually impossible– we didn’t want to cut any of our favorites!

First up, is the song for the bridal party intro. This… well… I lied. This we haven’t decided on. There are two options. One is the cover of “With a Little Help from My Friends” by Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson from Across the Universe.

For the rest of our songs, keep reading after the jump!

Get with the program!

I designed our programs to be design-friends with our invitation suite. I’m a stickler for consistency, so they work well together, but I also went a little more whimsical with these guys. The pressure was off for the programs, and I had quite a lot of fun with these. This weekend, JP and I spent a good two days printing, cutting, folding, measuring, nailing, threading, sewing, and assembling our eighty programs. He was a marvelous helper, and we are both so thrilled with the results.

The assembly of these guys was not an easy one, even though we knocked it out in two days. A quick run-down of the supplies used and, well, how in the heck we did it is most definitely  in order. Spelling it all out makes us seem totally bonkers– Me bonkers for coming up with it, and him bonkers for going along with it. Photos first, insanity second!

Oh, so you’re curious as to what all went into these puppies? WELL…

Supply List (for 80 programs)

  • 400 sheets of 65 lb. cover
  • Part of a spool of carpet yarn from the 70s (My father works in textiles, and we have a mountain of this stuff around. It’s my favorite for pretty much everything.)
  • Rotary trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Two tack nails
  • Hammer
  • Ikea catalogue
  • Bignormous needle
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Computer (le duh) equipped Illustrator and InDesign
  • Printer with 2-sided printing capability and a butt-ton of extra ink (We have an Artisan 710. Love it for this stuff.)
  • Fonts used: Gotham, Carousel, and Memoriam Pro

Assembly (for a single program)

  1. Print out cover from Illustrator and 4-pieces-of-paper-requiring booklet (the insides) from InDesign. Use 2-sided print settings with a saddle-stitch binding setting.
  2. Trim the paper to 6.5″ by 11.5″. The reason I didn’t just use a half-letter was that I didn’t want a “We printed this out and folded it in half” look. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just nuts and a weirdo about sizing.
  3. Fold all 5 pieces of paper for the booklet. (Sweet JP did the majority of this step. This was the most time-consuming part, it seemed.)
  4. Stack the pieces of paper one-inside-of-the-other. This is where the saddle-stitch setting comes into play. Everything is magically lined up.
  5. On the innermost sheet, mark 2 inches in from the top and bottom along the fold.
  6. Over the Ikea catalogue, keep the pages lined up and hammer the nail into each of the two marked points– this is to start the holes for the yarn.
  7. Thread the needle, and go in one set of holes and out the other. Be careful not to stab yourself. I did about 40 times.
  8. Tie a lovely little bow, and move on to the next program. Lather, rinse, repeat.

There you have it! Our crazy-sauce labor of program love. I hope our guests actually look through these guys. I need to find some people to hand out [read: be pushers] our programs.

What approach did you take with your programs? Did you go to crazy lengths and develop an overly-involved (but totally fun) process?

13 days left

Photo from a project I'll soon detail.

We have 13 days left. Holy cow. Updates soon, I swear– a lot has been getting done! Busy bees are we.