Kind of want…

Opening Ceremony & Timberland Water Shoe, $95

I have a thing for what in the south we refer to as “boat shoes.” Basically casual loafers. I tend towards weird iterations of said boat shoes. My current favorites are about to bite the dust– a pair of yellow and navy Tory Burch. These would make a delightful replacement. I’m kind of a fan, even though I have some sort of issue with Tims. I’m too used to mocking people with Tims from middle school.

Anybody a fan of fun boat shoes? Any ideas?

On the horizon…

Contact me for more info, dears.

True Story

Crazy, right? Or not so crazy, given that time does pass. I guess I just can’t really believe that it has been a month since our wedding. It simultaneously seems forever ago and like it just happened yesterday. Recaps will be happening soon, or so I hope, and I’ll be able to share the amazing parts, the great moments, and the tiny crises that occurred along the way.

Favorite thing ever?

Yes. Caturday has come early. Image via here.

You are welcome.

J. Crew haxx

baller watch. click on the thumbnails to see 'em bigger.

I think it probably is no secret that I am a big fan of the J. Crew Timex watches. I even bought one for JP as a wedding present, and he loves wearing it.

I have a confession: when I bought him the watch, I had secret hopes that maybe sometimes I would be able to jack it and wear it around. That wasn’t going to happen, because he loves it. That left me pining for a watch that was a bit out of my price range for just a WANT WANT WANT. Then it dawned on me. Hey, it’s a Timex. Maybe the non-J.Crew Timex land has similar watches. Oh, and maybe straps too!

Bingo. Ish. Timex makes some pretty great faces that were similar and inexpensive compared to the J. Crew watch, but no crazy fabric bands like the neon ones I’d coveted at J. Crew. Sad trombone until a trip to Target yielded some great results– the Timex Easy Reader watches fit on JP’s fabric J. Crew band perfectly, and looked strikingly similar to his fancy watch. And way less expensive.

We purchased the watch, then ordered a neon band from J. Crew, and voila. A much more do-able version of the watch I’d been stalking for months. So, dears, if you’ve been jonesing  for a J. Crew Timex, but don’t want to drop the dollars, go this route. It’s pretty cool… and… has indiglo. Hola, middle school.

Recipe for an awesome watch

  1. Timex Easy Reader Watch, whatever dang color you want, $29.99-39.99 Make sure to get the watch via Target or Walmart. They’re about $5-10 cheaper than via the Timex website.
  2. J. Crew Watch Band, tons of colors, $10-15 Okay, let me give you the skinny on the bands. Our local J. Crew has some really incompetent staff. (I used to work in retail, so I feel that it gives me the right to bitch when employees, especially managers do not know their inventory inside and out. I mean, hello, I do, and I don’t even work there.) Anyway, the bands that were on the biggest sale online were full price in the store. Liar pants said they were “new.” Um, hi. No. He also provided some really wrong info regarding the neon bands and availability, so I just ordered online. Cheaper, and they had my neon rose. PLUS, if you order by the end of TODAY, you can get an extra 20% off of sale items [read: the awesome-colored bands] using EXTRA20 as the promotion code. Sweet.
  3. Without tax/shipping/what-have-you, you are able to get a $170 watch set-up for $40. WIN.

Whatcha think? Pretty good, no?