Quality assurance

A certain black kitty has decided that nesting on her minion’s price sheets would be the best idea ever.

When said minion tried to retrieve said price sheets, kitty decided that biting was the best recourse. Go figure.

5 Responses to Quality assurance
  1. Olga A
    August 6, 2010 | 1:37 pm

    lol! so adorable πŸ™‚

  2. Nicole
    August 6, 2010 | 2:08 pm

    Did said minion leave and return when kitty was asleep?

  3. EmilyB
    August 6, 2010 | 3:47 pm

    Our cats always sit on things they’re not supposed to. Usually they sit on important things like the remote, bills, etc. But damn they’re cute (as is yours.)

  4. FARout
    August 6, 2010 | 11:35 pm

    Our standard poodle would never do this. Not on the list of things that she is interested in. Her self-inposed jobs are protecting us from aluminum foil, reflections from watches and flatware at the dinner table, and loud noises from putting All-Clad back into the kitchen shelves.

  5. Rachel Celeste
    August 8, 2010 | 2:15 pm

    I have a black kitty who does the exact same thing! She lays on top of whatever I might be working on and then resorts to biting if I try to move her or retrieve whatever it is she is sitting on!

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