I am going through a chair phase again.

Maybe it’s because we’re about to move, maybe it’s because I’m in the post-wedding nesting phase, maybe it’s because I’m desperately searching for inexpensive yet well-designed and ergonomic office chairs, but whatever the cause, I’m in serious chair mode. I have serious chair crushes on these chairs and stools from Emeco. Too bad that we don’t have the need (or cash-money) for any of these bad boys. They’re still fun to look at and pine over.

1. Kong Armchair, $1305-$2605 2. Kong Chair, $1200-$2395 3. Hudson Armchair, $785-$1565 4. 20-06 Armchair, $555 5. Navy Chair, $415-$1120 6. Morgans Chair, $670-$1335 7. Nine-0 Stacking Armchair, $485-$1165 8. Hudson Counter Stool with Arms, $955-$1905 9. 20-06 Barstool, $445

One Response to I am going through a chair phase again.
  1. ms. awesome
    August 29, 2010 | 1:38 pm

    sigh. emeco chairs. I LOVE the demo’s of how strong they are when they’re hucking ’em out warehouse windows! Not that we’d abuse them like that, but still….

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